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It's time to stop stressing over pageviews and analytics and start bringing in revenue NOW! 
I can remember it vividly, last December 2016, when my blog pageviews tanked. I was a fairly new blogger but my reach had steadily increased month after month and I was so excited! ⠀
In the blogging world, there's so much stress out on pageviews and reach, audience numbers and followers. Hit this magic level and you can tap into ad revenue. ⠀
I placed all my hopes into that basket, so when the numbers started to drop I was heartbroken. I watched the number decrease month after month regardless of what I posted. 
You see, trying to hit that mark of "good enough" in the blogging sphere tapped into scars left from the corporate world. You need to have this degree or that degree, be this age or that age, you need to just BE MORE in order to be valuable.⠀
I was at a crossroads with my blog and it was then that I was once again reminded myself that I'm in charge of my worth. Not what the ad companies said I was worth, what I knew I was worth based on the value I had to offer my audience. 
Online courses was my ticket to taking back control of my revenue!
Creating online courses to complement my blog content + services not only doubled the value I could offer my audience, but they also created a stream of additional income that I controlled! 
Income based on the value and relationships I created with my audience. ⠀
Online courses don't have to be scary!  
You might be thinking...
  •  I don't know anything about online courses, where do I even start? 
  •  Do I need an education background?  
  •  How do I even build an online course?
Creating an online course is so much easier than  you think it will be! With a structured template to follow you can go from topic idea to finished course in less time, with less frustration, than you ever imagined! (Without any formal education degree!)
    Let me help you get started! 
    If you're ready to ditch staring at Google Analytics for hours, ready to stop joining "share" groups to mindlessly boost your social engagement and instead create valuable content for your audience while also creating an income stream, it's time to start creating your first online course. 
    Book in a Blogger to Course Creator Strategy Hour and let's map our your path from idea to course outline! 
    Blogger to Course Creator Strategy Hour
    • Narrow down your course topic
    • Identify your overarching course goal
    • Identify your course learning outcomes
    What's Included in your Strategy Hour:
    60 minute Strategy Call
    Course Outline Template
    Start Building Your Course
    What People Are Saying About Working with Me:


    I've had the opportunity to work with Jennifer on many instructional design and curriculum projects. Her talent for looking past surface-level course or content requirements to consider the spiraling, big-picture nature of quality curriculum makes her a wonderful leader and advocate for rigorous, engaging e-learning. 


    I had the privilege of working with Jennifer for 8 years. Her understanding of curriculum and, in particular, how the needs of online learners are often different from those in traditional classrooms, allowed her to ensure that our learners had the best possible chances of success. 

    Blogger to Course Creator Strategy Hour
    Go from Blogger to Course Creator for just $199 $99
    Stop worrying about pageviews, traffic and ad revenue, and instead start creating a profitable online course that YOU own! 
    Get a jump start in your Blogger to Course Creator Strategy Call!
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